The Products You NEED to Enhance Sauna Sessions and Weight loss Goals

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Updated : 25th November 2021

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The health industry is loaded with fads on how to lose weight. On top of that, the internet keeps bombarding you with a weight loss program. What these programs and talks about reducing your waistline forget to mention is the importance of sweating.While sweating does not burn fat, the internal cooling process indicates that calories are being burned.

The primary reason we sweat during an exercise is that the energy we expend generates internal body heat. So, if you're working out hard enough to make you sweat, you're also burning calories. Okay, sweating is great but is there a holy grail formula to lose weight? In our opinion, sauna sessions are the best! Saunas provide numerous health benefits. One of them is to assist you in maintaining and aiding your weight loss. This is accomplished by helping you in sleeping, detoxifying your body, and burning calories.

The Magic of a Sauna
The sauna's heated temperatures will help you to burn calories long after your workout is finished. It accomplishes this by boosting your metabolism. 

This feeling of wellbeing will last for several hours even after you leave the sauna. The heat also causes your heart to race. To provide you with energy, your body hence has to burn extra calories. The sauna's heat causes you to sweat more, making it easier to eliminate the toxins in your body. This is beneficial, especially if you aren’t that physically active.

Boost Your Sauna Session and Prepare to Lose Weight with the Bundle

If you are really into sauna sessions for burning calories or stimulating your weight loss journey, then you have got to check this out. You need this Super Glow Bundle, a trio of these products, to enhance your regular sauna sessions, detox, and help you succeed on your weight loss journey. Let’s check them out…

1. Sweat Stick

We are sure there must be stubborn fat on certain areas of your body that you would like to tackle getting rid of anything! This sweat enhancer stick makes it easier to melt fat from those target areas exactly during sauna sessions or while exercising.

Inside the stick is a gel that glides on the skin easily just like a glue stick does on paper. It’s super easy to remove after you’re done with your session. How does it help lose fat, you ask? Well, the organic ingredients make for an enhanced sweating experience. You’re going to sweat all the toxins out of the stubborn fat areas and get one step closer to your weight loss goal.

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2. Waist Trimmer Belt

The next product you need to lose weight is a waist trimmer belt. Everyone from celebrities to regular folks trying to lose a few pounds has lauded and used the life-changing benefits of a waist trimmer belt. Apply the sweat stick on your waist and wear our waist trimmer to experience not just sweating but to expedite the benefits of the sauna session or workout.

The waist trimmer increases the heat temperature focused around the middle of the body. If you exercise while wearing your waist trimmer, you'll be able to maintain a constant body temperature during the workout. What does that have to do with shedding more pounds? Because a higher core body temperature causes you to burn more calories at a faster rate, you can lose weight quicker!

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3. The 14 Day Super Glow eBook

Feel like you need more advice on detoxifying toxins from your body, feeling your best from the inside out, and losing unwanted fat? The 14 Day Super Glow eBook is for you! It’s filled with all the right information you need to kickstart your weight loss journey from detoxification tips, nutritional guides, to the workouts and more to become the new and healthy you!  

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