We created Sweat and Glow Sauna for one reason, to improve the health and lives of others. Since 2018 we have been selling the Sweat and Glow Sauna device to Spas across the country. Now we are offering the chance for you to have a Sauna in your own home. We believe sweating is the key to detoxification, and detoxification is the key to optimal health and energy. Adding sauna sessions to your weekly routine can improve your quality of life in so many ways, from muscle pains, to weight loss, to anxiety, to insomnia, and so much more.

Our CEO prescribed the Sweat and Glow Sauna to her mother when an autoimmune disease was taking over her life and had her on bed rest. The improvements in her health and energy have allowed her to finally exercise again and travel with her family as she used to. This has inspired us to get saunas in the hands of as many people as possible with convenience and affordability. 

We're on a mission to get hot and healthy! We strive to spread health and wellbeing through the power of Infrared Saunas. This is why we always offer the best price and top of the line products. We wish you love, prosperity, and eternal health.

We'd love to chat and answer any questions you may have.

Contact: hello@sweatandglowsauna.com


*Disclaimer - This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.