Discover how our Infrared Sauna Burns up to 500 Calories in just 30 minutes a day...


I cannot reccomend this sauna enough. It heats up quickly and I sweat so much. I've lost 5 inches around my waist thanks to the sauna, sweat stick and waist belt combo.

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Jamie S

All I can say is wow! I finally found a method I can stick to, a method that gives me all day energy and a huge mood boost. The sauna has helped a ton with my stress. This has been huge for helping me lose 30 pounds.

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Melissa J

Thank you Sweat and Glow! I recieved my sauna bundle a month ago. I did the 14 day detox and lost 7 pounds! I've continued what I've learned and lost a total of 10 bs in the 30 days. 

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Linda N

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Shanna Lo
So Convenient

The unit is super easy to use. I put a sheet inside of it to catch my sweat. I found that the bottom part needs to be set at a lower temp because I’m laying directly on it - it gets super hot. It has been amazing for my sleep, and I feel like I’m detoxing old stuff from my spine.

Maggie Hanes

I am obsessed with my sauna blanket. I've been using mine for 2 months and I've noticed I feel way less bloated. I'm also sleeping much better at night.

Health Benefits & Safety

Hello, I believe in the researched health benefits of this product. Warming the body at the core cellular level is beneficial on so many levels. In using it, you have to be very safe as it does get quite hot and clothing barriers are necessary. I hope you improve this model so more individuals can have access to it and receive the benefits. You market weight loss, but that is the last reason I would recommend it. From a wellness standpoint in regard to blood flow and circulation it is far more beneficial.

Coretta Sneed

Infrared Sauna Blanket

Richard Tippett
Sauna blanket great

I've only used it once on a low setting, but it worked really well.

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